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Radon Repair Services

All machines require some maintenance. If your building’s air conditioner/heater breaks down, you are inconvenienced. If your radon removal system fails; you are exposing yourself and your family to elevated levels of radon.

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Your mitigation fan runs all day every day. Fans wear out, birds or rodents can clog the exhaust stack, foundations settle causing cracks in your basements’ floor or dislodging the membrane in your crawlspace. Radon will find its way back inside your home.

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Have Your Radon System Tested

Whether you’ve had a radon system installed or you’ve been lucky enough to move into a home that has already one, you’ll want to make sure your radon mitigation system is working properly. Our knowledgeable, experienced, and licensed radon specialists are able to identify current or potential problems with your system that might go undetected otherwise. 

Get professionally serviced every 2 years. – It is recommended that you conduct a radon test at least every 2 years. We will conduct a visual inspection to ensure that your radon system is operational before performing an electronic monitoring test.

Regularly check your radon system monitor. Typically this is a “U” shaped tube, called a manometer, located on the system that measures air flow. If the levels are uneven or offset, your fan is running.

Check the exhaust. It must vent at least 10 feet above the ground and 2 feet higher than windows or doors. Since radon is invisible and odorless, a specialist will need to check it’s function.

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Other Related Radon Services

Radon Testing

$ 150.00
  • 48 Hour Test
  • Continuous Radon Monitoring
  • Reports Typically at Pickup
  • Visual Inspection Included

Visual Inspection

$ 100.00
  • All Major Components
  • Service Call Included
  • Onsite Overview
  • Convenient Scheduling