Radon-Resistant New Construction

New Homes Can Be Built with Radon-Resistant Features.

Radon-resistant construction techniques can be effective in preventing radon entry. When installed properly and completely, these simple and inexpensive techniques can help reduce indoor radon levels in homes. In addition, installing them at the time of construction makes it easier and less expensive to reduce radon levels further if these passive techniques don’t reduce radon levels to below 4 pCi/L. Every new home should be tested after occupancy, even if it was built radonresistant. If radon levels are still in excess of 4 pCi/L, the passive system should be activated by having a qualified mitigator install a vent fan. For more explanation, contact us.

Many homes in central Ohio are built with radon-resistant new construction. However unfortunately some builders use plumbers to install these systems and schedule 20 pipe is used as opposed to schedule 40. The State of Ohio Health Department will not allow mitigators to use the schedule 20 piping, so a traditional retro-fit type would need to be utilized.

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